Pawn Loans

National Pawn Company provides pawn loans because in today’s society millions of people are either unable or unwilling to deal with the traditional financial institutions, and simply do not have access to credit cards.

There is no credit check or lengthy paper work to fill out for a pawn loan. A customer must have a state issued, valid picture ID and be 18 years old or older. At National Pawn Company you will be greeted and treated with dignity and respect.

Your merchandise will be appraised by a qualified member of our team. Based on the condition, quality and researched value, our team member will then offer you a percentage of the determined value for your merchandise which you may either accept or decline. If you, the customer decides to accept the amount offered you will then be informed of the conditions of the contract and will be given a copy to keep for your records.

In general, pawn loans are typically made for a one-month period. However, a pawn loan can be extended by paying in full the service charge set forth by the due date on the contract.

National Pawn Company strives to be “Fast, Friendly and Confidential” on each and every transaction.

National Pawn Company will hold all merchandise in our secure storage or vault until the pawn loan has been paid in full.